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             Technical Director, Animator & VFX.
                     "The Nordic Beasts - The Ultimate Battle"
                      Directed by Noora Hannula

Studio: The Nordic Beasts 

                     "Old Agnes"
                      Directed by Chris Bjerremose

             Tecnical Artist - MoCap
                     "The Nordic Beasts"
                      Directed by Noora Hannula
Collaboration withPerforming Arts Platform - Århus
TAW TALK The Animation Workshop

                      Directed by Chris Bjerremose

             Animator & CG-Generalist                    
                     Laerdal Copenhagen

                     Studio: Laerdal Copenhagen

               Tecnical Cheif: Animation

                     Directed by Amalie Næsby
                     Danish Filmschool in Chopenhagen, Denmark.


Full Movie DK
Full Movie INT (Comming Soon)

Watch: Trailer  

               Tecnical Lead & CG/Anim-Generalist
                     "Pipeline test"                     
                     Danish Filmschool in Chopenhagen, Denmark.
 Watch: Look Test

               Animator: Eagle feathers
                     "Magnum Double - Release the Beast"
                     Bacon X - Copenhagen, Denmark. 
                     Studio: BaconX  Commercial: Magnum Double

                Animator & Rigger
                     "Utopia 9" Game - Whalegun Aps 
                     Copenhagen, Denmark.

                Lead Animator
                     "Perfect Half" Eucroma project 
                     Directed by Lowe & Chris - Copenhagen, Denmark.
                Watch: Trailer  Homepages: Perfect Half

                Animator & Technical problem solver
                     "De Blå Bude" Mid-year Film Directed by Amalie Næsby
                     Danish Filmschool in Chopenhagen, Denmark.
                     Watch: Full Movie (need password)

                      Crowd Animator
                      "Albert" ( COMMING SOON - 26/2-2015 )
                      A.Film Production, Directed by Karsten Kiilerich.
Watch: Trailer Buy: $ Albert  Read: IMDB

                    Animator & Editor
                    "The Wanderer" ( COMMING SOON - IN PRODOCTION )
                    Our Bachelor Movie, Directed by Simon Ternowitz.
                Watch: Full Movie

                     Animator & Technical problem solver
                     "SORT" Bachelor Film Directed by David Adler
                     Danish Filmschool in Chopenhagen, Denmark.
                     Watch: Full Movie

2013                 Animator
                     "Brighter Together"
                     Commercial Project for Roskilde Festival

2012                 Animator
                     "Blade Runner" 
                     Trailer Project
2011                 Animator
                     Short Short Movie

                     Animator & Design                       "Project Q"                      Quadruped Projects
                     Portfolio CA11                                                             For The Animation Workshop 
                     Bachelor in "Character Animation